How To Check Oxygen Levels From Home Or Anywhere With A Pulse Oximeter

A Simple Way To Verify Your Oxygen Saturation At Home Or Any place You Find Yourself Using A Pulse Oximeter

It’s very easy to check oxygen saturation values at home or in your place of lodging with a pulse oximeter.

In many locations we provide pulse oximeters with your oxygen concentrator rental so you can check your oxygen saturation.

The pulse oximeter utilizes frequencies of infrared & red light to compute the blood oxygen saturation level. If 95 to 100 percent of your hemoglobin is carrying oxygen your oxygen quantities will be considered normal.

If less than 90% of your hemoglobin is transporting oxygen your oxygen saturation levels are considered low.

An oxygen saturation of 95-100% is optimal.

image depicting good oxygen saturation on pulse oximeterUsing your pulse oximeter is simple. To turn it on press the button on the screen side of the oximeter.

Insert your finger inside the oximeter with the screen side facing up. Within a short time you’ll see 2 numbers. One is your oxygen saturation and the other one is your pulse.

If you wish to see the change getting concentrated oxygen from your oxygen concentrator is making, take a reading of your levels before using your oxygen concentrator, then take a reading again a few minutes into your oxygen therapy .

A pulse oximeter is an easy & practical way to verify your oxygen levels from home or anywhere.

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