How many LPM Of Concentrated Oxygen Should You Be Getting Through Your Oxygen Concentrator?

What’s the most appropriate oxygen concentrator liter per minute setting for you?

Are you questioning if you can get an excessive amount of concentrated oxygen, and what liters per minute to set your concentrator to?  The answers you’re searching for are right here.

When thinking about taking concentrated oxygen, many people believe the more they can take in the better. That’s most definitely not the case when it involves using an oxygen concentrator for concentrated oxygen.

After reading this short article and watching the video on this page, you’ll know exactly what to set your liter per minute flow to regardless of whether you’re using your concentrator by yourself or with a partner simultaneously.

Can You Overdose On Oxygen?

An excessive amount of oxygen can cause negative side effects so you will really want to stay away from those by sticking to what’s recommended.

image depicts the best liter per minute flow settings for an O2 concentratorFor the average person, approximately 1.5 to 2 liters per minute of concentrated oxygen is sufficient. The sole reason you would need to set your oxygen machine to a higher LPM is if your Doctor specifically tells you should.

If you have a health condition that requires you to get more your doctor will let you know.

In the case that you are operating your concentrator with another person simultaneously, you’ll want to set the LPM to somewhere in the range of 3 to 4 LPM.

Always keep in mind to reset the machine to the correct LPM for a single person when 2 people are no longer using it.

You’ll also need to remove the additional nasal cannula and Y splitter then reconnect your nasal cannula directly to the oxygen outlet port on your concentrator, or the humidifier outlet.

You can also connect to the extension tubing with swivel connector piece if that’s still attached to the concentrator or humidifier bottle. The main point is you must remove the extra cannula and Y splitter and reconnect your cannula in order for you to obtain the appropriate flow of oxygen from the concentrator.

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