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image depicting woman using oxygen and feeling betterAre you wishing to buy a pre-owned mobile oxygen concentrator? Our service is here to help you buy one of these oxygen machines at a great price, so you’re in the right place.

Buying a used portable oxygen concentrator from our company is easy. Be sure to call us right away so you have oxygen available anytime you need to have it. We’ll have your concentrator shipped to your residence in the United States.

We provide complimentary delivery at Oxygen Assistant anytime you buy one of our used portable oxygen concentrators and have it shipped to an address in the United States.

The demand for our pre-owned concentrators may be significant at times, so our inventory is always changing. That being said, we specialize in the sales of pre-owned portable Inogen and OxyGo concentrators and our prices and models are listed below.

  • Oxygo $1350
  • Inogen One G3 $1350
  • Oxygo Fit (g4) $1450
  • Inogen One G4 $1450
  • Oxygo Next (g5) $1550
  • Inogen One G5 $1550

Whether you are living in South San Francisco or the general area, Oxygen Assistant’s service can be of help to you. Buying a used portable concentrator saves you money and makes getting the oxygen you need convenient whenever you need it.

We concentrate on selling the specific portable oxygen concentrators listed above but we also have batteries for these machines for sale. Below you’ll find our pricing for extra batteries.

  • G5 single batteries for $200
  • G5 double batteries for $300
  • g3 and g4 single batteries for $150
  • g3 and g4 double batteries for $250

Let us know if you are looking out for a specific concentrator and we’ll see if we can assist you.

At Oxygen Assistant, we want to be your oxygen company of choice, so we’ll do our best to serve you well.

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If you’re thinking about which concentrator is most ideal for you make sure to read more at the web links below about mobile vs stationary O2 concentrators.

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